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Do I need a vacuum manifold in order to use Oasis Vac or Sep-Pak Vac cartridges? - WKB54413

Article number: 54413


  • Oasis sample preparation products
  • Sep-Pak sample preparation products
  • Solid-phase extraction




It is possible to process samples on Oasis Vac and Sep-Pak Vac cartridges using an adapter that plugs into the top of the cartridge. With the adapter, you can use a luer-tip syringe with a plunger (not a luer-lock syringe) to generate positive air pressure to force liquids through the sorbent bed.

Adapter part numbers:

WAT054260 - SEP-PAK RESERVOIR ADAPTOR - pack of 12 (for 1-cc, 3-cc, and 6-cc vac cartridges) - made of polypropylene
WAT048160 -  ADAPTER,12,20,35CC - pack of 10 (for 12-cc, 20-cc, and 35-cc) - made of polypropylene

Waters does not sell luer-tip syringes with plungers. Please look online for these.

Note: It can be difficult to pass liquids though the cartridges by hand (using a syringe and plunger) if the cartridge is larger than 6 cc.

Optionally, flangeless 1-cc vac cartridges can fit onto part number 186005523 - 96 1cc Flangeless Cartridge Holder. This part can hold up to 96 flangeless 1cc vac cartridges. Once these cartridges are in the 96-position holder, they can be processed on part 186006961 (Waters Positive Pressure - 96 Manifold).

Waters Positive pressure-96 Processor (p/n 186006961) Brochure

Waters Positive pressure-96 Processor (p/n 186006961) Operator’s Guide 

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