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How do I interpret the lot numbers on Waters Oasis and Sep-Pak products? - WKB54121

Article number: 54121


  • Lot numbers
  • Sep-Pak
  • Oasis


Example lot number: 008238274G

Digits 1 through 4 = Sorbent batch number (in this example, batch 82)

Digit 5 = Packing location (in this example, 3 = Wexford, Ireland)

Digit 6 = Last digit of year (in this example, 8 = 2018)

Digits 7 through 9 = Day of the year (in this example, 274 = day number 274)

Digit 10 = Tub from which the bulk packing was pulled (G = tub G)


It is possible that the same bulk material is divided among different physical buckets (tubs). When this happens, each tub within a lot of SPE packing is assigned a letter. In the example above, the sorbent batch 0082 was likely divided into may tubs—the first tub being tub A, the second tub B, and so on. The lot above was pulled from tub G of batch 0082.

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