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How can I scale a gradient method from a UPLC column to a UPLC column, from a UPLC column to an HPLC column, from an HPLC column to a UPLC column, or from an HPLC column to an HPLC column? - WKB60006

Article number: 60006


  • Gradient scaling
  • Method scaling


If you are using an ACQUITY UPLC system:

  1. Check the desktop of the computer that is connected to the ACQUITY UPLC system and see if there is an icon called "Columns Calculator".
  2. In some cases you may find that the "Columns Calculator" is part of Empower.

For non-ACQUITY UPLC systems, or if you cannot locate the calculator on your ACQUITY UPLC system:

  1. Go to the Columns Calculator Version 2.0 download webpage, where you will find an executable file for download.
  2. Consult your IT department to see if you have permission to download this file.

In the Columns Calculator:

  1. Specify the original column information on the left-hand side, including the original gradient table.
  2. Specify the desired column information on the right-hand side.
  3. The software calculates the gradient table for the new column.


As noted above, before downloading the executable file, consult your IT department to verify that you have approval to download the columns calculator.


For scaling from analytical to Preparative chromatography the follow tool could be used: On-line Preparative Columns Calculator



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