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How do I clean a Delta Pak 300A C18 column? - WKB54535

Article number: 54535


Clean a Delta Pak column to remove contaminants and/or proteinaceous sample buildup.


  • Column cleaning
  • Delta Pak


  1. If using the isocratic mobile phase cleaning protocols, each solvent should be flushed through for 20 column volumes (CV).
  2. Increasing the column temperature to 35 °C aids cleaning.
  3. For polar samples to use isocratic mobile phases: Start with water for 20 CV, follow with 20 CV methanol, and then 20 CV of isopropanol. Finish with another flush of 100% water for 20 CV.
  4. For proteinaceous samples:
  • Option 1: Inject with repeated 100-µL injections of DMSO using a reduced flow rate, delivering 50% Eluent A and 50% Eluent B
  • Option 2: Gradient of 10-90% B, where A = 0.1% TFA in water and B = 0.1% TFA in acetonitrile
  • Option 3: Flush columns with 7M guanidine hydrochloride or 7M urea


For additional information, see How do I calculate the empty column volume of a column?

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