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What is the difference between nanoACQUITY columns and ACQUITY UPLC M-Class columns of 75, 100, or 150-µm inside diameter? - WKB53560

Article number: 53560


  • nanoACQUITY columns
  • ACQUITY UPLC M-Class columns


Compared with nanoACQUITY columns, ACQUITY UPLC M-Class columns are made with more robust hardware on the inlet, which allows for use on higher-pressure nano systems.


nanoACQUITY columns have a maximum pressure rating of 10,000 psi.

ACQUITY UPLC M-Class columns have a maximum pressure rating of 15,000 psi.

The inlet end nuts on both nanoACQUITY and ACQUITY UPLC M-Class columns are M-Detail. They have a 6-40 thread that slips onto a 1/32-inch OD (outside diameter) tubing, so they can be plumbed into a Waters nanoTee.

ACQUITY UPLC® M-Class Columns & Trap Columns Care & Use Manual

nanoACQUITY Columns Care & Use Manual

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