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What solvents do Waters Spherisorb Amino (NH2) columns ship in? - WKB50722

Article number: 50722


  • column
  • Waters Spherisorb 
  • Spherisorb
  • NH2
  • solvent
  • shipped in
  • reverse phase
  • water
  • Acetonitrile


96:4 heptane:isopropanol


If performing a reversed phase or HILIC method, the column must first be converted to the reversed phase of HILIC solvents, as follows:

1. Flush with 10 column volumes of 100% isopropanol.

2. Flush with miscible aqueous-organic mobile phase with no buffer for 10 column volumes. (Example: 50/50 water:acetonitrile)

3. Flush with initial mobile phase with buffer (if using buffer) for 10 column volumes.

See Waters Spherisorb™ Columns Care & Use Manual (WAT094178):

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