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What are the concentrations of the components in the Soft Drink Analysis 4 Component Standard (WAT036889)? - WKB198542

Article number: 198542


  • Soft Drink Analysis 4 Component Standard


The actual concentrations for the caffeine, benzoate, and sorbate standards are listed on each lot of standards.

The aspartame is a dry powder that is added to the three-standard solution to make a 100-mg/L aspartame concentration.



Approximate (nominal) values can be found in the Soft Drink Analysis Kit Care & Use Manual (WAT036889).

The actual certified values must be entered into Breeze software because each lot has slightly different actual certified values.

How do I enter new standard (and/or control) concentrations, for each new lot of SKU WAT036889 - Soft Drink Analysis 4 Component Standard, into my Breeze Software?

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