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186009775 Waters Otto SPEcialist Consumables Kit

Article number: 258413


  • Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold


Waters Otto SPEcialist Consumables Kit, for Part Number 186009775.

Part Number Quantity Item Image Description
186009708 1 13mm Tube Spacer for 75mm 186009708.JPG Can be added to the 13mm Tube Collection Rack to adjust the test tube height from 100mm to 75mm
186009715 1 13mm Tube Collection Rack 186009715.JPG Sits underneath the 1cc Top Rack when collecting sample eluant.
186009716 1 1cc Top Rack 186009716.JPG Fits up to 24 1cc SPE cartridges, sitting on top of the Otto Accessories stack.
290002357 10 Oasis HLB Cartridges           290002357.JPG SPE device used to separate dye mixture during installation test.
290002387 10 13x75mm PP Test Tubes    290002387.JPG SPE sample collection for the installation test.
6060754-S5 1 TUBE FEP 6x4 5M 6060754-S5.JPG Tubing for nitrogen line.



Otto SPEcialist Positive Pressure Manifold

Order 186009714 separately. TheDrainless Waste Reservoir no longer comes in the Startup Kit.

This kit is the Start up kit, although that is not how it is listed.

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