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What are the part numbers of the seal upgrade kits for the manual back pressure regulators in a Biobotanical Extraction System? - WKB10312

Article number: 10312


  • Biobotanical Extraction System (BBES)
  • Manual Back Pressure Regulators (MBPRs)


The BBES system has three MBPRs; two are rated for 6,000 psi, the other for 2,000 psi. The part numbers for the Seal Upgrade Kits are as follows:

  • MBPR, 6,000 psi, Seal Upgrade Kit, part number 205001538 (Kit, BP-66 6KSI Seal Upgrade)
  • MBPR, 2,000 psi, Seal Upgrade Kit, part number 205001539 (Kit, BP-66 2KSI Seal Upgrade)



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