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What is the part number for the Xevo TQ-S calibration solution? - WKB9190

Article number: 9190


  • Xevo TQ-S


700005471 MS Ref Stds: Calibration Sample Xevo TQ-S includes 2 vials:

Vial 1: Calibration solution, 1 x 30 mL vial containing:

Ortho-Phosphoric acid 0.1%

Acetonitrile/Water (1:1 V/V)

Vial 2: Intellistart Resolution Solution 20x, 1 x 30 mL vial containing:

Sodium Iodide 2 ug/uL

Cesium Iodide 50 ng/uL

Methyl Sulfate, sodium salt 20 ng/uL

Triethylamine 20 pg/uL

Isopropyl alcohol/Water (1:1 V/V)

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