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No MSMS beam on a QTof - WKB3503

Article number: 3503


  • There is a beam in MS mode
  • There is no beam in MSMS mode
  • Increasing the ion energy value can restore MSMS beam, although signal intensity is weaker than expected


  • SYNAPT G1 QTof
  • Xevo G2 QTof
  • Q-Tof Premier


The quad settings are at the default values

This happens if they were not set after a software reload or upgrade


  1. Find the quad settings from a previous PM, installation or screen capture. 
  2. In the tune page, enable System View (Setup -> System View -> password = access).
  3. Go to the Quadrupole tab and select adjust.
  4. Change the quad settings values accordingly in the MS tune page.
  5. Save the quad settings.
  6. Check for an MSMS beam.
  7. Run ion transmission test(s) as per the Quad PCB technical reference sheet document, 715002478 (see Quad check procedure).
  8. Save the system settings within EPC and host PC.


If you cannot find the original quad settings, contact your local Waters Technical Service.

Once you obtain the quad settings are obtained, print or save the settings in a suitable location.

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