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ESI source not recognized when switching sources on a SYNAPT G2-Si - WKB10126

Article number: 10126


  • The ESI source is attached, but MassLynx does not pull up the source options
  • Cannot put the instrument into Standby mode


  • SYNAPT G2-Si
  • MassLynx 4.1


The electronics are locked up.


Do an electronic reboot: 

  1. Exit MassLynx.

  2. Flip the pump override switch to the down position. (This is the top toggle switch, above the breakers.)

  3. Flip the EPC and Aux breakers down.

  4. Flip the Electronics breaker down.  

  5. Wait a minute or two. You can then reboot the host PC.

  6. Once logged in to the host PC, power-cycle the ACQUITY before proceeding.

  7. Flip the Electronics breaker back up. (At this point the PC must be on and logged in and the ACQUITY must be on.)

  8. Wait one minute.

  9. Flip the EPC and Aux breakers up.

  10. Wait for the EPC to boot up. (The flashing white/purple light on the SYNAPT G2/S/Si will stop flashing and remain steady.)

  11. Wait just a bit longer.

  12. Go into MassLynx.

  13. Open the Tune page

  14. Check the vacuum (View > Vacuum > Vacuum tab). Make sure that you have real vacuum readings (not 1e-8 for the Tof vacuum). If you don't have a real Tof vacuum reading, start the reboot again.

  15. Once there is good vacuum, flip the pump override (toggle) switch back to the Auto (up) position.

  16. Put the MS into Operate mode.




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