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ACQUITY APC CM-S and CM-30S configuration and column positioning control problem - WKB9456

Article number: 9456


  • Unit faults with a Column error: "Multi mode column selection is out of range CM(x) CM(y)"
  • Instrument method control of column positions: CM-S column set to "No Change" and CM-30S set to "Column 1"
    • Instrument method editing: Changed the CM-S to None, saved, and set up again. Failure continues to occur.
  • Mismatch between the actual valve position and the valve position indicated in the Empower direct control panel
    • The valve position in the direct control panel shows the "column 1" position, but the actual valve position is "waste"
    • This issue occurred at module initialization, after turning on each module
  • The Column Manager (CM-30S) disappears from the console software
  • Empower system configuration has both column manager devices present with status OK


  • ACQUITY Single Zone Column Manager (CM-S)
  • ACQUITY APC 30cm Single Zone Column Manager (CM-30S)


Power-cycling of the column manager devices in the incorrect order caused a valve mapping issue.


  1. Clearing the non-volatile memory of each instrument ensures proper valve mapping of the column configuration.
    • "Clearing non-volatile memory" is a service mode function for the device. You must enter service mode in order to clear the memory.
    • Do this for both column manager modules, so that you restore factory defaults.
  2. Power-cycle the column manager devices in the correct order:

    • Power-cycle the secondary manager (CM-30S or Dual CM-S) first.

    • Power-cycle the primary manager (CM-S with valves) second.

      • The system must be reconfigured in the Empower System Configuration.

  3. Empower System Configuration:

    • The CM-S (with valves) installed as the primary module is the first serial number added to the system configuration.

    • Secondary modules (CM-30S or Dual CM-S) are added to the Empower system configuration second.


Follow the installation guidelines for creating the system configuration as described in the ACQUITY APC System Guide.

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