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ACQUITY APC CM-S and CM-30S configuration and column positioning control problem - WKB9456

Article number: 9456


  • Unit faults with a Column error: "Multi mode column selection is out of range CM(x) CM(y)" Instrument method control of column positions: CM-S column set to "No Change" and CM-30S set to "Column 1".
    • Instrument method editing: Changed the CM-S to None, saved, and set up again. Failure continues to occur.
    Mismatch between the actual valve position and the valve position indicated in the Empower direct control panel.
    • The valve position in the direct control panel shows the "column 1" position, but the actual valve position is "waste" This issue occurred at module initialization, after turning on each module.
    The Column Manager (CM-30S) disappears from the console software Empower system configuration has both column manager devices present with status OK.


  • ACQUITY Single Zone Column Manager (CM-S) ACQUITY APC 30cm Single Zone Column Manager (CM-30S).


Power-cycling of the column manager devices in the incorrect order caused a valve mapping issue.


  1. Clearing the non-volatile memory of each instrument ensures proper valve mapping of the column configuration.
    • "Clearing non-volatile memory" is a service mode function for the device. You must enter service mode in order to clear the memory. Do this for both column manager modules, so that you restore factory defaults.
    Power-cycle the column manager devices in the correct order:
    • Power-cycle the secondary manager (CM-30S or Dual CM-S) first. Power-cycle the primary manager (CM-S with valves) second.
      • The system must be reconfigured in the Empower System Configuration.
    Empower System Configuration:
    • The CM-S (with valves) installed as the primary module is the first serial number added to the system configuration. Secondary modules (CM-30S or Dual CM-S) are added to the Empower system configuration second.


Follow the installation guidelines for creating the system configuration as described in the ACQUITY APC System Guide.

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