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How to install an external valve using the RS232 port of Column Manager CM-A or CM-30S - WKB9336

Article number: 9336


Install an external valve using the RS232 port of Column Manager CM-A or CM-30S. Minimum requirement: Control released with the June 2011 Driver Pack for ACQUITY Systems.

  • CM-A supports control for up to three external valves.


  • H-Class Column Manager - Active UPC2 30 cm Single Zone Column Manager.


  • Optional External Valves (RS232 Controlled): 417000138 - VALVE, SELECTOR, 2 POSITION, 10 PORT, TI 417000139 - VALVE, SELECTOR, 6 POS. 7 PORT PEEK 417000150 - VALVE, SELECTOR, 10-POS, SS, RS232.



Required Parts:

  • 441000459 - 3-gang, RS-232 serial-adaptor cable 700010277 - Adapter, Fem-to-Fem, Serial Cable Coupler.
    • The "serial cable coupler"  may be required to connect the 3-gang, RS-232 serial-adaptor cable to the CSV cable.

  To connect an external valve to the CM-30S:

  1. Depending on whether you are using one external valve or two or more valves, set the valve addresses as follows: Ensure that the external valve address is 0.
    • Use a #0 flat-blade screwdriver to turn the screw on the back panel of the valve, setting the address to 0. If you are using more than one external valve, set the address of the second valve to 1 and that of a third valve to 2.
      • Requirement: The turnscrew on the back of the external valve must align precisely with the address number. Otherwise, the external valve cannot operate.

  1. Connect the standard end of the 3-gang, RS-232 serial-adaptor cable labeled “RS-232 B” to the COM B RS-232 port on the back of the Column Manager.

  1. Connect the external valve’s serial cable to a female-to-female serial cable coupler adapter.

  1. Connect the coupler adapter to the connector labeled “1” on the 3-gang RS-232 serial-adaptor cable. Connect the external valve’s power cord to a suitable wall outlet. Press the “Local-Remote” button to select “Remote”.

Configure the valve in the console software and instrument method.


Note: External valve control by RS232 is not supported with the original ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager.

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