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2695 Separations Module System Cleaning - WKB91424

Article number: 91424


  • 2695 Separations Module System Cleaning


  • 2695 Separations Module System


Cleaning procedures
1. Prepare the washing solvents (three solutions needed: 100% of water , acetonitrile : isopropanol = 1:1 , and 30% phosphoric acid)
2. Add the washing solvents into sample vials
3. Remove the column and connect the 2695 injector outlet tube to the detector inlet tube with a union (If the detector does not need cleaning, do not connect)
4. Remove the solvent filter
5. Prime all lines except the seal wash line with the washing solvents.
6. Create the instrument method used for cleaning
A/B/C/D = 25/25/25/25 Flow rate: 0.5mL/min
7. Create the sample set used for cleaning
Injection volume: 100μL
Run Time: 0.1 min
Number of Injections: 30
*For the above cleaning, first wash with water for 1 hour, then acetonitrile : isopropanol = 1: 1 for 3 hours,water for 1 hour, then 30% phosphoric acid for 3 hours, and then water for half a day (specified time is a reference).


Carryover solution that can be performed by user with 2695 Separations Module - WKB88700

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