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What are the tubing connections to the valve manifold on the fluidics drawer of the ACQUITY UPLC Sample Manager? - WKB8628

Article number: 8628


  • ACQUITY UPLC Sample Manager
  • nanoACQUITY Sample Manager


  • T7: part number 430001167 for the "ASSY, TUBE, T7, SSV P-2 TO VM/SSV, HPLC"
    • Port 2 Metering Syringe Valve to Wash Select Valve IN
  • T23: part number 430000988 for the "ASSY, TUBE, T23, WS2 TO VM/S-SY"
    • Strong Wash Syringe Tubing to Valve Manifold
  • T18, T20, T11: part number 700009774 for the "ASSY, TUBING, SERVICE LOOPS"
    • T18 Strong Wash Inlet
    • T20 Weak Wash Inlet
    • T11 Needle Wash Block
  • T22: part number 430000989 for the "ASSY, TUBE, T22, WS1 TO VM/SY"
    • Weak Wash Syringe Tubing to Valve Manifold


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