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Communication issues with the 1515 Isocratic HPLC Pump - WKB8409

Article number: 8409


  • Unable to set the flow rate on the 1515 in the Run Samples Window
  • In the properties of the Node, all instruments except the 1515 respond "Yes" to "OK?"
  • Replacing cable does not resolve the issue
  • Cannot ping the IP address of the 1515, but all other instruments get a reply
  • Changing the port on the switch does not resolve the issue


Communication glitch in the Ethernet switch.


  1. Unplug the power cable to the Ethernet switch.
  2. Power-off the systems.
  3. Power-off the computer.
  4. Power-on the computer.
  5. Log into Windows.
  6. Power-on each instrument, waiting in between until each component completes the start-up diagnostics.
  7. Plug the power cable back into the outlet for the Ethernet switch.
  8. Log into Empower.
  9. Verify the properties of the nodes, particularly the "OK?" status.



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