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Can I change the signal from negative to positive for a 2414 RI Detector? - WKB7407

Article number: 7407


  • 2414 Refractive Index (RI) Detector
  • Empower 3


Yes. You can reverse the polarity of the 2414 detector. Going from positive to negative polarity makes any negative peaks positive. You can find polarity settings on the detector by pressing Shift and Polarity. Alternatively, in Empower software, you can go to Instrument Method, select RI detector, and go to Events. Here, you can program the polarity to change at specified times. This is useful if you want to integrate a single negative peak that is among other positive peaks.


Samples detected with the 2414 refractometer can yield positive or negative peaks, depending on whether their RIs are greater than or less than the RIs of the solvent. Default is + (positive).

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