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Is the Auxiliary Column Manager - Active (CM-Aux) supported on an I-Class System with CM-A? - WKB6812

Article number: 6812


  • I-Class System
    • ACQUITY Column Manager - Active (CM-A)
    • Auxiliary Column Manager (CM-Aux)


Yes. The CM-Aux is supported with an I-Class system.
Use the same tubing kits used with H-Class systems to add a CM-Aux to the I-Class system. 

  • Standard I-Class CM-A 2 Column Tubing Kit, I-Class only
  • Part number 205000898 for the "Kit, ACQ. UPLC I-Class CM-A Tubing 2 Col"


  • Upper CM-Aux 4 Column Kit used with H-Class and I-Class.
  • Part number 205000765 for the "Kit, ACQUITY UPLC CM-A, Tubing, 4 Column"
  • Lower CM-Aux 6 Column Kit used with H-Class and I-Class.
  • Part number 205000767 for the "Kit, ACQUITY UPLC CM-A, Tubing, 6 Column"
  • A six-column configuration with lower CM-Aux requires longer tubing to connect the SM Inject and CM-A Inlet switching valves.  


  • Part number 700005479 for ASSY, WELDED TUBE, SST, 19.0 LG, HP
  • CM-A with 4 x 50-mm columns, no guards/filters


  • Part number 205000804 for the Set, ACQUITY UPLC CM-A, Tubing, 4 x 50 mm

Note: The CM-Aux modules have not been added to the I-Class Site Preparation Guide.


  • The 0.003-inch-ID tubing is not available in the various lengths needed to accommodate dual stacks across dual detection systems. When you add column modules and dual detection, you begin to move away from the benefits of a low-volume core system.
  • When you add a CM-Aux module to an I-Class system, Waters recommends that you install the 0.004-inch-ID tubing across the column compartments. This will add additional system volume and possibly contribute to a slight increase in dispersion.

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