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Cannot communicate with Agilent 1290 - WKB6565

Article number: 6565


  • Cannot communicate with a second Agilent 1290 on the LAC/E box through Empower
  • The Agilent 1290 already installed has IP address
  • Added a second Agilent 1290 to the LAC/E box whose IP address was set to


  • Agilent 1290
  • G1365C detector
  • Empower


The 8-bit configuration switch (dip switches) on the LAN card (located on the detector) were not set to DHCP configuration, resulting in an IP address of


  1. Change the 8-bit configuration switch (dip switches) on the LAN card on the detector to the correct configuration; For the G1365C detector, switch number 6 up and numbers 7 and 8 down.
  2. Delete the system with the two instruments.
  3. Go to node properties > configure DHCP and delete the instruments from DHCP.
  4. Delete the instruments from the instruments tab.
  5. Power-off the instruments and the LAC/E. Reboot the LAC/E, log in to Windows, and then reboot the instruments.
  6. Ping both instruments with their IP addresses. 
  7. Open node properties > configure DHCP to confirm that both instruments are there. You may need to enter MAC address, type, and name.
  8. In the instruments tab, all instruments say OK? Yes.
  9. Create a new system.



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