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How to perform the characterizations of needle and loop volumes - WKB61327

Article number: 61327


Perform the characterizations of needle and sample loop volumes.


  • ACQUITY UPLC Sample Manager


  1. Whenever you replace the sample loop and/or the sample needle, you must set the system to characterize the volume of the replacement parts.
  2. Perform this procedure when the composition of the weak-wash solvent changes.
  3. Specify the sizes of the sample needle, loop, and syringe in the Volumes dialog box before characterizing the volumes.
  4. Prime the sample manager and syringes, and characterize the needle seal before characterizing the volumes.
  5. In the ACQUITY UPLC Console, select Sample Manager from the system tree.
  6. Click Maintain > Characterize > Needle and loop volumes.
  7. In the Characterize Needle and Loop Volumes dialog box, click Start.


  • This procedure takes at least five minutes.
  • If you have a 1ul sample loop it takes a long time (approx upto 30 minutes) because the internal diameter of the loop is very narrow. The syringe moves slower to avoid cavitation.

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