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Liquid on top of vials in a 2695 - WKB5774

Article number: 5774


  • Liquid appearing on top of vials in sample chamber
  • Injection of standards decrease in area and height overtime into same vial. Retention time remain same.
  • Eluent build up on top or into vials causing dilution.
  • Testing injection accuracy of vial by weight fails.


  • Alliance HPLC System
  • 2695 Separations Module


Yellow needle wash waste line is crimped. Needle wash liquid is leaking out of seal pack instead of moving to waste.


  1. To verify that it is needle wash, remove the needle wash line from the bottle or lower bottle. That should diminish the leak.
  2. Verify the needle wash waste line is not kinked, clogged, or submerged.
  3. Verify the needle wash pump is working (Diagnostics, Motors/Valves).
  4. Verify the needle wash valve (V4) is working (Diagnostics, Motors/Valves).
  5. Replace any of the parts listed above or the seal pack assembly.
  6. Clear yellow needle wash waste line and ensure re-routing to waste bottle prevents crimping.


Link for 2695 manual is :

Issues has been reported when using 3rd party waste vessels with "quick-connect" fittings

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