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Error: Organizer configuration modified with ACQUITY - WKB5460

Article number: 5460


  • ACQUITY Sample Organizer able to run first tray fine. Total of four trays.
  • Unable to finish run at tray 4.
  • Error: Organizer configuration modified, instrument failure
  • No changes made to any existing configuration


  • ACQUITY Sample Organizer with Waters 2 ml , 48-well plate
  • Driver Pack 1.60


Problem with the Sample Organizer fiber optics.


  1. All old style Stainless Steel Braided Sheath Fiber Optics Cable E-Z Ready Chain should be replaced with the new Black Sheath Fiber Optics Cable E-Z Ready Chain (700002984), followed by adjustment to the Amplifier Mode and Threshold value.


The sample organizer performs a scan to determine what slot positions are populated with shelves. A slot is considered to have a shelf in its location
when the shelf amplifier goes through a complete cycle of off-on-off states. Ghosting issues occur when a vial cap or capmat reflects enough light for the
optical system to trigger a second off-on-off cycle and report an extra shelf when only one exists. These are referred to as "ghost plates".The vials
may be reflecting and the shelf position sensor is picking them up as available shelves, causing the errors. Work-around: Sometimes using of a dark tape or black
marker across the inside edge of the plate blocks the sensor from picking up the vials.

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