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How do you install a flow cell in the 2465 Electrochemical Detector? - WKB32024

Article number: 32024


Install a flow cell in the 2465 Electrochemical Detector.    


  • 2465 Electrochemical Detector


  1. Connect the column outlet to the flow cell inlet using small-bore tubing (0.3 mm ID). Use one finger-tight fitting to install tubing in the flow cell inlet. 

2465 Flow Cell Installation Step 1.JPG

NOTE: To prevent entrapment of bubbles, ensure that LC Out is on top.

CAUTION: Use only factory-supplied finger-tight fittings in the flow cell, because others may cause serious damage. Let the tubing protrude approximately 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) from the fitting and tighten it so that the tubing is no more than slightly indented by the fitting. Do not overtighten the fitting; overtightening affects the flow pattern through the tubing (causing turbulence) and may strongly decrease flow-cell performance.

2.  Connect one end of the medium-bore tubing (0.5 mm ID) to the outlet of the flow cell using a finger-tight fitting; do not overtighten. Push the other end of the tubing through the upper left-hand hole in the chassis and out to the waste container.

2465 Flow Cell Installation Step 2.JPG

3.  Fill the flow cell with mobile phase and install the flow cell in the clamp as follows:

  1. Power-on the HPLC pump. Keep some tissues at hand in case some mobile phase spills.
  2. Allow the pump to fill the flow cell by keeping the flow cell at an angle of about 45° with the outlet (LC Out) on top, to force the air through the outlet.
  3. To prevent trapping of air bubbles, position the flow cell with the reference electrode at the lower side and the outlet at the upper side.
  4. Slide the flow cell into the flow cell clamp from the top. 

NOTE: Avoid using excessive force when installing the flow cell in the clamp by sliding the flow cell downward from above the clamp. Do not press the flow cell into the clamp from the front.

4.  Connect the flow cell cable to the flow cell. Connect the WORK, AUX, and REF on the flow cell using the red, blue, and black cell cables (WE - red, AUX - blue, REF - black).

2465 Flow Cell Installation Step 4.JPG

Refer to the Waters 2465 Electrochemical Detector Operator's Guide for detailed fluidics connection instructions.


Tubing size is 0.010 inches inlet and 0.020 outlet.


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