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With ACQUITY Systems Gradient Performance Test, the chromatogram is missing the propiophenone peak and no results are reported - WKB3112

Article number: 3112


  • Chromatogram is missing the propiophenone peak
  • Report method is missing the propiophenone peak
  • No results reported


  • ACQUITY System QT (revision AB through revision AE)
  • ACQUITY H-Class System
  • Empower 3


  • Part number 186006682 for the ACQUITY UPLC Absorb 10 mm Cell Test Solution was used to perform the gradient performance test.
  • Propiophenone has been removed from the gradient test kit 186006682.
  • Documentation has not changed to include a revised project with an updated gradient processing method.


Remove propiophenone from the Component tab within the processing method:

  1. Highlight propiophenone in the component list and delete it.
  2. Save the gradient processing method.


Part numbers for the 7-component mix including propiophenone and revised part numbers for the 6-component mix without propiophenone:

7 Component Mix        6 Component Mix         Kit Description

  • 700002642                    186006682                ACQUITY UPLC ABS 10 mm cell test solutions
  • 700002669                    186006683                ACQUITY UPLC ABS startup solutions
  • 700002846                    186006694                ACQUITY  UPLC 25 mm cell solutions
  • 700004380                    186006695                ACQUITY UPLC 3-5 mm cell solutions
  • WAT042887                  186006684                PQ test mix for HPLC ABS detectors

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