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How to troubleshoot an Alliance 2795 injector path - WKB28516

Article number: 28516


Purge air and identify leaks or faulty components in the 2795 autosampler.


  • Alliance HT 2795


  1. Test injection aspiration by weighing vials before and after injections of water. (This tests the needle, the holding loop, the wash and purge valves, and the syringe.)
  2. Test the rest of the pathway by priming the needle wash in Diagnostics. Remove the right-hand side panel and find the needle wash waste line that is leaking during the prime.
  3. After the needle wash is fully primed, run the prime again and pull the small waste line out at approximately 10 sec and point the end of the line toward the ceiling. 
  4. If the system is tight (no air or leaks), the level of the needle wash solvent will stay the same.
  5. If the system has air or a leak somewhere, the level of the needle wash solvent will drop. (This tests the injector valve and fittings, the bypass valve, the needle seal, the injector port/reverse-threaded nut, the needle, the holding loop, and the wash valve.)


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