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The resolution check date does not display in the console for an ACQUITY QDa Detector - WKB26739

Article number: 26739


  • After the resolution check for an ACQUITY QDa successfully passes, the date is not shown in the ACQUITY console Resolution_Date_Missing.png


  • ACQUITY QDa Detector
  • ACQUITY console
  • Empower 3
  • MassLynx




  1. Backup the target registry
  2. In the Tune Page, enable calibrant beam and observe 749 peak in negative mode.
  3. Write down high mass resolution setting for negative mode, then lower this value such that FWHM of 749 peak increases to approximately 1.2.  The purpose of this step is to make this peak fail resolution check (FWHM 0.7 +/-  0.2) in the next step while passing the beam check.
  4. Close the Tune Page and run "Check Resolution" from the Console. Resolution check should fail, giving error message "resolution setup is required".  "resolve" button will become active.
  5. Open the "Tune Page" again and enter the original value of the high mass resolution for negative mode written down
  6. Close the Tune Page and press "resolve" button in Console.  Resolution will pass since it's back to original values and the resolution expiration date will display in console



If changing the high mass resolution to 1.2 is too much (error message: "Beam check signal intensity is too low. There is no beam with which to perform resolution or calibration routines."), refer to The resolution/calibration dates are blank or incorrect in the console for the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector - wkb51204.

It is important to note that this does not affect the operation of the QDA. The resolution test will still pass and the appropriate files are saved as expected, these are:





They are saved in the following locations:

For Empower: C:/Empower/Instruments/Log/MS Reports 

For MassLynx: C:/ProgramFiles (x86)/Waters Instruments/Temp


If the workaround does not fix the issue, re-install the driver pack. For MassLynx it is necessary to re-install MassLynx, for Empower only the drivers need to be re-installed.


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