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ACQUITY SM-FTN needle does not consistently pierce the center of the vial septum - WKB25969

Article number: 25969


  • Some vial septa are pierced in the center, but others are pierced close to the edge or rim of the cap
  • Broken vials




Incorrect calibration, or wrong plate or plate parameter


To calibrate the rotary tray:

  1. Go to the FTN in the console.
  2. Select Troubleshoot drop-down menu > service mode (password is 1147).
  3. In the Maintain drop-down menu, select calibrate rotary tray.
  4. Remove all trays.
  5. Using the pin kept in the door, take the long end and align the hole in the rotary tray with the hole in the SM base/chassis (it should be close to front-center).
  6. Save the results.
  7. In the Maintain drop-down menu, select calibrate r axis.
  8. Use the same calibration pin and hole, but this time place the pin with the long end pointing up.
  9. Adjust the needle so it is closest to the hole (it may not be possible to get it perfectly aligned).
  10. Save the results.
  11. Run test injections.

To fix the plate or plate parameter:

  1. Access Plate/Plate generator (MassLynx or Empower).
  2. Select the correct tray or plate.
  3. Confirm that the plate parameters were not modified.



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