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After a power outage, no communication exists between MassLynx and the ACQUITY PDA - WKB2551

Article number: 2551


  • No communication to ACQUITY PDA
  • ACQUITY console shows no error messages
  • ACQUITY log lists no error
  • ACQUITY console display indicates that PDA lamp is off
  • No control of plots for PDA in ACQUITY console
  • MassLynx Inlet Method Status: OK LED = Red,  Ready LED = Green, Lamp = Off
  • ACQUITY PDA LEDs on front panel show Power and Lamp both Green (suggests lamp is on)
  • Inlet Method, LC menu > Reset Communications does not resolve
  • ACQUITY console PDA page, Control > RESET PDA does not resolve
  • NetEvaluator shows all components with IP address, serial number, and model type (ping passes for all components)
  • Firmware Loader shows serial number and model type for all components


  • MassLynx 4.1


Power outage affected only the ACQUITY H-Class. The PC and the mass spectrometer remained on.


  1. Close all software.
  2. Run StopACQUITYProcesses.cmd.
  3. Reboot the MassLynx PC. Log in to Windows, but do not start MassLynx.
  4. Open Waters DHCP Server Configuration. Clear all IP addresses. Leave window open.
  5. Power-off the UPLC stack. Turn on SM, QSM, and PDA in that order. Watch for IP addresses to populate in Waters DHCP Server Configuration.
  6. When you see green LEDs on the UPLC components, push the RESET button on the Xevo TQD.ProP Pr



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