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What is the aperture disc dimension on a QDa detector? - WKB2319

Article number: 2319




  • Standard (S) mode uses a 0.09-mm aperture disc, sold as Aperture Disc Assembly, 0.09 mm
    • Part number 700009769 for the "APERTURE DISK ASSEMBLY S"
  • Performance (P) mode uses a 0.2-mm aperture disc, sold as Aperture Disc Assembly, 0.2 mm
    • Part number 700009768 for the "APERTURE DISK ASSEMBLY P"

Note: It is not recommended to clean the aperture disk if blocked or dirty. It should be replaced.


  • The size of the aperture is dependent on the type of vacuum pump used with the installed configuration.
    • Standard QDa uses an integrated diaphragm pump powered by the QDa MS Detector.
    • Performance QDa uses an external rotary pump which sits on the floor with its own power source.

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