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What is the part number for the solvent sinker/ filter and short tube attached to the solvent line? - WKB1970

Article number: 1970


  • Alliance 2695
  • Alliance 2695D
  • Alliance 2795
  • 600 series
  • 1500 series


  1. WAT025531 for the "ASSY,SOLVENT FILTER" (Stainless steel Solvent Reservoir Filter/Sinker 10 micron)
  2. 700003615 Solvent Bottle Filter, 1/pkg ( Stainless Steel )
  3. 700003616 Solvent Bottle Filter, 7/pkg ( Stainless Steel )
  4. 700003530 for Solvent Filter, Titanium, 7/pkg
  5. 700003546 Solvent Filter, Titanium, 1/pkg
  6. 700005378 SOLVENT FILTER, Titanium, 7PK, H-Class Bio
  7. 700009143 for the TUBING, TEFLON, THIN WALL 2"


An alternative to purchasing the pre-cut individual length of tubing is ordering part number WAT026809 for the TUBE TFE .149 X.119 X 25'.  This only requires the user cutting a 2-inch length from the roll of Teflon tubing to attach the solvent reservoir filter to the solvent tubing.

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