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ACQUITY UPLC BSM dynamic leak test failure - WKB19234

Article number: 19234


  • Dynamic leak test fails to pressurize or compress
    • When compression occurs, the accumulator actuator suffers very high leaks and the test fails to complete
  • Pump heads rebuilt with pump head/seal wash housings, check valves, plunger, and seals
  • New vent valve
  • Pressurize the system >10,000 psi with flow results in stability and delta <20 psi using any combination of mobile phase
    •  Retention times are consistent and pressure holding stable during overnight runs; sensitivity good


  • ACQUITY UPLC Binary Solvent Manager (BSM)
  • ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Quaternary Solvent Manager (QSM)


Tubing and fittings leak.

Over time, service to pump head components during performance maintenance can contribute to a high leak rate and dynamic leak test failure.


  1. Replace the following tubing assemblies to manage suspected leaks at high-pressure fittings:
    • Common pump head tubing and plumbing:
      • 430001120 for the ASSY, TUBE, HEAD OUTLET TO XDUCER INLET
      • 430001121 for the ASSY, TUBE, XDUCER OUTLET TO ACCUM CV INLET
    • Pump A accumulator to vent valve
      • 430001200 for the ASSY, TUBE, ACCUM "A" XDUCER - VENT VALVE (Port 3)
    • Pump B accumulator to vent valve
      • 430001199 for the ASSY, TUBE, ACCUM "B" XDUCER - VENT VALVE (Port 6)


  • If tubing is suspect, you may need to replace the following tubing assemblies:
    • Pump A: 430001208 for the ASSY, TUBE, VENT VALVE PORT 2 TO TEE/FILTER
    • Pump B: 430001207 for the ASSY, TUBE, VENT VALVE PORT 5 TO TEE/FILTER
    • Pump outlet tubing: 430001486 for the TUBE ASSY, PUMP OUT, .010" FOR EVERFLOW INJ
  • Loosely tightened/worn support plate can also cause excessive leak, part number: 700002601


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