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Sample fluidics over pressure error on an I-Class SM-FTN when trying to prime syringes - WKB18810

Article number: 18810
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Fix Sample Fluidics High Pressure Limit Error
A troubleshooting path for the Sample Fluidics High Pressure Limit Error
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  • When trying to prime the syringes, a sample fluidics over pressure error occurs
  • The user can inject sequences without issues
  • Able to prime when syringe inlet removed from inject valve


  • ACQUITY I-Class UPLC system
  • Sample Manager - Flow Through Needle (SM-FTN)


Clogged inject valve


  1. Remove the inject valve:
    • Go to the ACQUITY/MS Console.
    • Under the Sample Manager, Select Maintain, and then select Park Inject Valve.
    • Remove the single screw at the 11-o'clock position; you can then pull out the inject valve.
  2. Place the inject valve face down in a beaker with enough solvent to cover the inside of the ports.
  3. Sonicate for 30 minutes and reinstall.
  4. If still blocked replace inject valve PN:  700006057


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