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Arc 30-cm Column Heater/Cooler does not achieve 65 °C temperature set point - WKB15612

Article number: 15612


  • Programmed temperature set point of 65 °C, but the column compartment only achieves 62 °C in 12 hours equilibration with no flow.
    • The heater cooler engine is operating at approximately 50% power and does not achieve 65 °C temperature set point.
    • Room temperature stable at 22 °C.
  • Arc 30-cm Column Heater/Cooler cannot reach set points above 50 °C.
    • The column compartment takes 60 minutes or longer and does not reach temperature set point.


  • ACQUITY Arc 30-cm Column Heater/Cooler


  • Arc SM-FTN-R firmware bug power limiting control when heating and cannot reliably achieve set points above 50 °C.
    • The heater/cooler engine is operating at a power limited to 50%.


To install this release:

  1. Restart the computer or LAC/E connected to the Arc Sample Manager FTN-R.
  2. Download the Arc Sample Manager FTN-R self-extracting executable file from
  3. Run the self-extracting executable file.
    • Result: The Sample Manager FTN-R [V1.70].sft, Loader, and Release Notes are extracted.
  4. Copy the .sft firmware file to the LAC/E or workstation location: C:\Empower\Instruments\Firmware.
  5. In C:\Empower\Instruments\Firmware, run Autoloader.
    • Result: Ensure that the status for the Sample Manager FTN-R reads “Update Required” and the File Version reads “1.70”.
  6. Select Load Firmware.
  7. After the firmware loads, power cycle the Sample Manager FTN-R and close Autoloader.

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