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Column Manager - Active with 30-cm Column Module Configuration: "Column Active Preheater configured but not detected" - WKB14587

Article number: 14587


  • CM-A Error "Column Active Preheater configured but not detected"
  • Configured CM-A and FTN to appropriate settings per install guidance to facilitate 30-cm Column Module configuration.
  • Confirmed functional active preheaters (APH) on another module.


  • ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System
  • ACQUITY Column Manager-Active (CM-A)
  • ACQUITY 30-cm Column Heater-Active (CH-30A)
  • DP4 SR1 with Empower 3 FR2


Column manager and preheater configuration incorrect.


  1. In the console, configure the CM-A as a "4-column" configuration in Column Selection operating mode.
  2. Change column numbering by position in the column manager console configuration.
    • Column position 1 is the top-right location
    • Column position 2 is the bottom-right location
    • Column position 3 (unused) is the top-left location (plumbed to CH-30A or 30-cm CHC)
    • Column position 4 (unused) is the bottom-left location (optional plumbing to second column in 30-cm CHC)
  3. Configure active preheaters in console.
    • Preheaters configured with column positions 1 and 2  as "Active" on the right.
    • Preheaters configured with (unused) column positions  3 and 4 as "Active, disabled" or "Passive" control on the left.
      • Note: Passive preheater option for control was removed from configuration for active preheater in DP4 SR1.
  4. Ensure that the Instrument Method has the correct preheater parameter.
    • Recommendation: Program as "use console configuration"



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