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ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager: "Initialize: No Function Text" message in console software - WKB14578

Article number: 14578


  • Column Manager: "Initialize: No Function Text" message observed in column manager console view prevents the system from starting a sample list even though communication appears to be in the green status. The inlet configuration of ACQUITY CM on the detector gives an error after the first injection on the console.
    • Inlet Method has column manager parameters within both Autosampler and Column Manager inlet icons.
    Column manager loses communications: "CM Reset" option on console is unavailable.
    • Retrieve communication by closing console and MassLynx, and then powering-on CM and restarting MS EPC.


  • MassLynx 4.1 and ACQUITY ICOP v1.40 ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager (v1.40 firmware).


  • The inlet configuration incorrectly configured the ACQUITY CM as a detector.
    • ICOP 1.40 version of instrument control software packages the control of the classic Column Manager into the Autosampler Inlet.


  1. Remove the ACQUITY CM from the inlet configuration as a detector.
    • ACQUITY Column Manager is now controlled as part of the Autosampler Inlet Method.


When using MassLynx 4.1 with the June 2011 Driver Pack 3 or newer; Column Manager devices are now configured as a detector in the instrument configuration.


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