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ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager: "Initialize: No Function Text" message in console software - WKB14578

Article number: 14578


  • Column Manager: "Initialize: No Function Text" message observed in column manager console view prevents the system from starting a sample list even though communication appears to be in the green status.
  • The inlet configuration of ACQUITY CM on the detector gives an error after the first injection on the console.
    • Inlet Method has column manager parameters within both Autosampler and Column Manager inlet icons.
  • Column manager loses communications: "CM Reset" option on console is unavailable.
    • Retrieve communication by closing console and MassLynx, and then powering-on CM and restarting MS EPC.


  • MassLynx 4.1 and ACQUITY ICOP v1.40
  • ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager (v1.40 firmware)


  • The inlet configuration incorrectly configured the ACQUITY CM as a detector.
    • ICOP 1.40 version of instrument control software packages the control of the classic Column Manager into the Autosampler Inlet.


  1. Remove the ACQUITY CM from the inlet configuration as a detector.
    • ACQUITY Column Manager is now controlled as part of the Autosampler Inlet Method.


When using MassLynx 4.1 with the June 2011 Driver Pack 3 or newer; Column Manager devices are now configured as a detector in the instrument configuration.

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