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What are typical energy levels to be expected on ACQUITY TUV or PDA Detector? - WKB14452

Article number: 14452




  • A general guideline following performance maintenance would result in:
    • PDA: 30,000 energy counts at 230nm (5msec exposure)
    • TUV: Sample Energy of 50

Note: If the energy remains low, it is recommended that the flow cell be cleaned or flushed.


Clean the flow cell when it becomes contaminated with the residues of previous runs and also after each detector shutdown.

A dirty flow cell can cause baseline noise, decreased sample energy levels, calibration failure, and other problems.

  1. Always flush the flow cell with mobile phase as your initial attempt to correct these problems.
  2. If there is still no improvement, flush the flow cell with 100% pure organic solution (example; 100% Acetonitrile)
  3. If the problems persist, flush the flow cell with 1% formic acid for 30 minutes, then flush with water until the formic acid is removed.
  4. If flushing with the 1% formic acid solution also fails, perform a system acid cleansing flush.

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