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What does an Inject Error 144 mean for an Agilent 6890 GC using Empower? - WKB14031

Article number: 14031


  • Empower 3
  • Agilent 6890 GC


The following GC Inject error codes may appear in the Message Center table as
"Inject Error - X", where X may be one of the following numbers. The list below
contains interpretations (where available) of the codes.

0  No error.
100  Tray z axis failed to find home.
101  Tray Radius failed to find home.
102  Tray Theta failed to find home.
103  There was a bottle in the gripper.
104  There was no bottle in the gripper.
105  A stop key was pressed.
106  The selected injector is not present.
107  The tray is not present.
108  The Bar Code Reader is not present.
109  Unknown
110  Tower/Controller communications error. No flashes on tower.
111  2 flashes on front tower.
112  3 flashes on front tower.
113  3 flashes on front tower.
114  5 flashes on front tower.
115  Unknown
116  Front door was open.
117  Front tower was reset.
118  Unknown
119  Unknown
120  Tower/Controller communications error. No flashes on tower.
121  2 flashes on back tower.
122  3 flashes on back tower.
123  4 flashes on back tower.
124  5 flashes on back tower.
125  Unknown
126  Back door was open.
127  Back tower was reset.
128  Unknown
129  BCR driver detected an overload. Possible short in connector.
130  BCR driver detected a stalled mixer.
131  A bar code was not read.
132  HCBR has failed.
133  Out of range index to NAME_TABLE.
134  NAME_TABLE[Index] is empty.
135  Illegal name. NAME_TABLE[Index] was not changed.
136  Illegal location. NAME_TABLE[Index] was not changed.
137  Referenced name is not in the NAME_TABLE.
138  Invalid parameter sent to a command.
139  Comma needed.
140  Semicolon needed.
141  Numeric overflow > 231.
142  Range error in SETPTS command.
143  Error in SETPTS command.
144  Attempt to access an invalid tray position.
145  Attempt to access an invalid injector turret position.


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