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2695 Separations Module: The value of Compressible Volume from the result of compression check is different from before. Is this okay if there are no errors? - WKB125784

Article number: 125784


  • Alliance HPLC System
  • 2695 Separations Module


Yes. If there is no error, it is considered that there is no problem.
For Compressible Volume, smaller values are considered to be better for the instrument.
This value is the volume compressed before reaching the value of Compression Pressure, so if there are air bubbles in the flow path, for example, the value will increase accordingly.


Alliance 2695 Separations Module compression check passes with 0uL compressed - wkb75036

2690, 2690D, 2690DUPGD, 2690UP, 2695, 2695D, 2695DE, 2695DEB, 2695DUP, 2695E, 2695EB, 2695INERT, 2695UP, ALLCOLCLR, ALLCOLHTR, ALLCOLHTRB

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