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What is the part number for the column heater in the original ACQUITY column compartment? - WKB12539

Article number: 12539


  • ACQUITY UPLC Column Heater (65 °C oven)
    • Original Column Heater was discontinued in May 2007
  • ACQUITY UPLC High Temperature Column Heater (90 °C oven)
    • Implementation began June 15, 2007, with column heater serial number D07UPH000N and UPA Model UPLC Autosamplers with serial number F07UPA461M


It is possible to update the original column heater for 65-degree hinged C/Hs manufactured before April 30, 2007, with the new style column heater front end:

  • Part number 700003698  (KIT, COLUMN HEATER with STABILIZER)
    • Includes Front End, Stabilizer, 6 Pin Jumper, Cable, Instructions
    • The jumper cable is used to govern 65 °C control to ensure control capability across multiple versions of Sample Manager Personality PCBs (electronics)


  • Part number 700003702 for the HTCH COLUMN HEATER REPLACEMENT SPARE
    • This spare includes only the new HTCH column heater front end, not an upgrade path if replacing an old version 65 °C column compartment

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