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Failed to obtain waters GI pump status on a nanoACQUITY - WKB12120

Article number: 12120


  • After software reload error "Failed to obtain waters GI pump state usage" is observed


  • nanoACQUITY


nanoACQUITY System Driver not fully installed.


  1. Updating Software - Follow this procedure when updating software to 1.41:
  2. Delete the current system configuration in MassLynx.
  3. Power-off and restart the PC or select Stop ACQUITY Process.cmd.
  4. Power-off the instruments.
  5. Uninstall 1.30, 1.23b, or 1.22.
  6. Uninstall all microsoft.NET files, starting with the latest version.
  7. Go to Run and type "regedit".
  8. Delete the Waters folder under loc machine/software.
  9. Delete the Waters Instrument folder under Program files.
  10. Install nanoACQUITY 1.41.
  11. Power-off and restart the PC or select Stop ACQUITY Process.cmd.
  12. Power-on the instruments.
  13. Update firmware on all instruments.
  14. Open MassLynx and select the default project.
  15. Open the Inlet Method.
  16. Configure the system (Waters Pump Controller for Inlet and None for Autosampler).
  17. Power-off and restart the PC or select Stop ACQUITY Process.cmd.
  18. Power cycle the instruments (firmware load must be complete).
  19. Open MassLynx and open the Inlet Editor.
  20. Open the nanoACQUITY UPLC console and configure the system. (From console main menu, go to Configure/Configure instrument modules. Configure nBSM as the gradient BSM. Configure nBSM-2 as the optional BSM (first dimension or trapping BSM) when there are two nBSMs in a system. Click OK.)
  21. Close the console, Inlet Editor and MassLynx.
  22. Power-off and restart the PC. (if you skip this step, you will receive the following error message: "failed to obtain Waters GI Pump status".)
  23. Every time you change the system configuration in the console, you must power-off and restart the computer.
  24. Configure the system in MassLynx. (Select Waters Pump Control for Pump and None for Autosampler for all v1.41 system configurations.)



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