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How many PDAs and QDAs can I run on an LAC/E box? - WKB1179

Article number: 1179


  • PDA
  • QDA
  • LAC/E
  • Empower 3 Feature Release 2 (FR2)


Two 3-D detectors are allowed on an LAC/E box, whether it is two QDAs, two PDAs, or 1 QDA and 1 PDA. 

Two systems allowed, each with a PDA/QDA detector running at 300 nm maximum range for each system, 1.2 nm resolution and 5 spectra per second.


Please see page 39 of the Empower 3 FR2 Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide 715003451 Rev D for specific information.

This also applies for other 3D detectors, such as 2475, ACQUITY FLR and Agilent DADs.

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