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What are the settings for Needle Wash Time in Alliance (2695) and where do I change them in Empower? - WKB10899

Article number: 10899


  • 2695 Alliance
  • e2695 Ethernet-controlled Alliance
  • Empower 


  • Open the Empower 3 Instrument Method.
  • Click the General tab.
  • Needle Wash Time: There are three choices in the drop-down menu. Select the appropriate one and save the method. 

Normal - 13 seconds (default value)
Extended - 52 seconds (4x)
Double - 26 seconds (2x)



If the instrument is not being controlled by Empower, the needle wash time can be programmed in the third page of the Default method from the front panel of the 2695.


Needle wash times.JPG

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