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Error importing .raw files / MassLynx data into UNIFI 1.8.1 - WKB884

Article number: 884


  • The following error message appears when you import .raw files into UNIFI:

For this export temporary space is required on the server side. The estimated size xx GB is greater than the free space yy GB on the drive where the server stores temporary files. Contact your system administrator to change the servers temp space configuration. Do you want to continue anyway (the export might fail)?


  • UNIFI 1.8.1


The default temp folder on the C drive contains insufficient space for the import.  The available space in the Temp folder must be three times the size of the batch of data being imported. For instance, to import 20 GB of data, the Temp folder must have 60 GB of space available. After the data is imported, the Temp folder returns to its original size, for example, 20 GB.


  1. Right click My computer and select Properties.      

  1. From the left hand pane, select Advanced system settings.


  1. Select the Advanced tab, and then click Environment Variables.     

  1. Be sure to create directories first. You can switch to the drive or folder location you like by selecting TEMP and clicking edit. In this example it is C:\Windows\TEMP.



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