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"Injection error" in UNIFI analysis center during data acquisition - WKB53866

Article number: 53866


  • During an acquisition, “Injection error” appears in the analysis center
  • In the instrument system panel, the ACQUITY FTN and BSM show a "busy" icon (spinning icon) and the status “Idle”
  • Other modules may show a green icon and the status "Idle" or "Ready to run"


  • UNIFI 1.9.4 (1.9 Service Release 4)
  • RDa
  • BioAccord
  • Vion IMS QTof




  1. Leave the UNIFI Portal application and the Analysis tab open.

  2. Power-off the ACQUITY FTN module by using the power button on the front panel.

    Note: Do not switch off the remaining ACQUITY modules.

  3. Wait 10-15 seconds.

  4. Power-on the ACQUITY FTN module.

  5. The analysis run resumes after initialization.

    Note: The acquisition resumes on the next sample or injection row (replicate samples within the same injection line are skipped). If the skipped injections are required, either stop the analysis and resubmit the sample list OR modify the sample list to run the desired sample at the end of the run.


Analyses queued when an error occurs during acquisition must be recreated and resubmitted. For additional information, see WKB57204.

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