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Error in UNIFI: Cannot transfer data buffering issue from the LND - WKB19339

Article number: 19339


  • Acquisition console shows that the system is ready, except for the FTN, which shows a communication failure
  • When attempting to access other modules, the console grays out
  • At the top of the acquisition console's instrument summary pane, error message "Cannot transfer data buffering issue from the LND" appears
  • No antiviral software is set up
  • No Windows firewall is set up
  • Resetting all instruments from within the software does not resolve
  • Power-cycling system does not resolve
  • Remaking instrument LAN network bridge does not resolve


  • UNIFI 1.8.2 Workstation


The USB wireless device took the 192.X.X.X IP address, resulting in a Windows IP conflict.


  1. Follow the steps found in KCS article # 12445.
  2. Once in UNIFI, check the acquisition console.
  3. If the issue persists, take the system offline and reset the workstation under Device Management. Once the workstation/LND is back, bring the system back online and check the console again.



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