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Unexpected Error when connecting to system in UNIFI - WKB13516

Article number: 13516


  • When connecting to a system in UNIFI, a window appears with the error:
    • Unexpected Error
    • An unexpected error occurred in UNIFI
    • Please contact your system administrator
  • When user clicks Dismiss, the window closes and the Instrument tab appears showing an error with the MS
  • Can ping all modules except the MS (Ethernet cable from MS is connected to the back of the SM)
  • When connecting to MS via Hyperterminal, "Waiting for DHCP..." appears
  • Restarting PC, EPC, and electronics (after Pump Override) failed to solve the problem
  • Replaced the Ethernet cable, moving ports on the switch, and then moved Ethernet cable to the back of the PC (second Instrument LAN NIC of network bridge)


  • UNIFI v1.8.2
  • ACQUITY I-Class
  • Xevo G2-XS QTof


Under advanced firewall settings, found the Instrument LAN network card still enabled under Protected Network Connections for the Public Profile. 


Cleared selection to exclude the Instrument LAN NIC from the firewall and MS got an IP address immediately. Confirmed communication in UNIFI and control was successful.


If instrument LAN NIC is configured as a network bridge, clear all NICs that are part of the network bridge when configuring the Protected Network Connections for Windows Firewall, if applicable.


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