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What are the expected version numbers for the NuGenesis LMS client and server components? - WKB25057

Article number: 25057


  • NuGenesis 8 LMS
  • NuGenesis 8 ELN


The version numbers and release dates, as shown in the NuGenesis LMS client's About box,  may not match each other. Here are the expected version strings for NuGenesis 8 LMS Service Release 2 with Hotfix 6:

  • Build info: 8.0 SR2 HF2   8/12/2016
  • JBoss Server build info: 8.0 SR2 HF6   11/28/2017
  • Database build info: 8.0 SR2 HF3   10/25/2016
  • IIS Server build info: 8.0 SR2 HF6   11/23/2017



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