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Unable to login to NuGenesis SDMS due to the server name "pts/1" in the server list - WKB23013

Article number: 23013


  • When logging in to NuGenesis SDMS applications, the only server available is "pts/1"
  • The following error messages appear when logging in to SDMS:
    • "[NG24035] Server <SERVERNAME> is not valid."
    • "[NG14529] ODBC driver reports error:... TNS:could not resolved the connect identifier specified."
  • The NuGenesis SDMS system was recently installed or was the target of a migration from an earlier version of NuGenesis.


  • NuGenesis 8 SDMS


After installing a new NuGenesis database it is required to login to SDMS Administrator and configure a valid Server name in the Master list.  If this is not done then the default Server name of pts/1 is still in the Master List.


  1. Launch SDMS Administrator
  2. In dialog that asked to update the local list choose NO
  3. Login with ngprojmgr
  4. Add the valid SDMS Server to the Master list
  5. Add at least one Audit reason to new Server in Master list
  6. Remove the pts/1 Server from Master list
  7. Click Actions > Update Local List



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