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How to add a comment to a TrendPlot graph - WKB96788

Article number: 96788


Customers find it useful to add a short remark to the samples plotted in a TrendPlot. Information such as "new column" or "cleaned cone" help in understanding why a certain trend is seen in the TrendPlot. Comments cannot be added once a sample is imported into the TrendPlot. However, there is a workaround for adding information linked to a certain sample before this sample is imported into the TrendPlot.


  • MassLynx
  • TargetLynx
  • TrendPlot


  1. Before acquiring data in MassLynx and processing samples with TargetLynx, add a useful comment into sample list column field File Text. You can also use the UserSubmitter, or Conditions fields.
  2. Click the TrendPlot icon in the TargetLynx sidebar in MassLynx and import a TargetLynx dataset.
  3. Open the Report Editor by clicking Reports > Edit. Under X-Axis > Value, select the text option instead of the default option name (see yellow highlight in picture below). The information written in the File Text column of the sample list is now automatically displayed on the X-Axis. You can also use the fields usersubmitterconditions in combination with the same columns in the sample list.Add comment to graph 01.GIF
  4. Close the edit box. The information in the file text field from the sample list is now plotted on the X-Axis relative to that particular sample (see yellow highlight in picture below).Add comment to graph 02.GIF



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